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The design of your organisation determines how clients perceive your organisation, how employees fulfil their role and managers take responsibility. In short, the design of your organisation contributes to its success.

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Innovation is necessary in many different areas of society. For instance, the energy transition or the impact of self-driving vehicles on the public space. The innovation required can only come about by creating different types of cooperative relationships between and within companies, government bodies, social enterprises and civil society. You are at the centre of this not only as a citizen, but also as a public official or a business owner, working with your partners across existing sector and organisational boundaries. Effective cooperation does not happen by itself and requires experience, inspiration and knowledge.

When it comes to organisation and structure, you need to think about: staff remuneration and job classifications, change management, communication, crisis management, governance and supervision, as well as the design and structure of your organisation. In each of these areas we have specialists on hand ready to help your organisation move forward. 

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