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Mobility is essential for society to function efficiently, but it can have an adverse impact on the quality of life in cities and the surrounding regions. Mobility needs to be more sustainable, quieter, safer and smarter if we are to improve the quality of life. Our goal is to help you achieve these aspirations!
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The Netherlands is facing a major transition in its mobility system. Over the next decade, mobility must become not only fully sustainable but also quieter, safer and smarter. That won’t happen automatically. The accessibility of cities and the surrounding areas is under pressure as the number of homes, residents and visitors continues to grow. Mobility and various other functions are also competing for the same space in the built environment.

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More sustainable, quieter, safer and smarter

Mobility, space and energy

The mobility transition brings together the worlds of mobility, space and energy and requires a vision which is constantly open to change, a holistic approach and a great many players working together. At the same time, over the next few years answers must be found to the question of where roles and responsibilities should be placed in the mobility system of the future. We can support you in that process.

Direction, order and organisation

We understand perhaps better than anyone how the mobility system works now and is changing. Our advice can help you set a course and together we can create order in a complex context and organise the cooperation between parties. We offer inspiration by taking lessons from other sectors, in the areas of chain management and public-private partnerships for example, and applying them in the mobility sector.

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