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Operational management and finance

The professionalisation and optimisation of business processes.
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Setting up and managing operational processes

Both public and private sector organisations aim for excellence in the structuring and management of their organisation, processes and business operations. Organisations try to achieve this by standardising products and services, simplifying and clarifying processes, eliminating waste and changing the way employees act, or behave.

We can help you with the professionalisation and optimisation of your operational processes. We do that using many different methods, concepts and tools. Always based on the facts and a quantitative analysis.

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We can help you to demonstrably reduce your overheads to provide the right quality at the lowest possible cost.

Staffing analysis and workload measurement

We provide both qualitative and quantitative data to support your staffing levels. As part of this process we always take into account the management, goals, structure and technology available within your organisation, i.e. we offer a solution tailored to your situation.

Regulatory and administrative burden

We can help you find smart solutions that will lead to a real reduction in the regulatory and administrative burden.

Cost price, costing and cost cutting

Gain insight into the level and structure of your costs and how you can optimise them responsibly.