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Industry drives technology and is extremely important for the economy. In a highly international and competitive world, Dutch companies play a disproportionately large role. Berenschot contributes to those innovations in industry and excellence in business management. From seed to success!
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In industry standing still automatically means falling behind. Dutch industry has many similarities with top-class sport: it is highly competitive and at the same time cooperative, working with customers and suppliers. Innovation is a complex international undertaking, and the same applies to quality and cost price. A management team must be knowledgeable across a wide range of disciplines and have an understanding of technology, production, service, sales, purchasing, finance, HR and ICT.

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Many specialisms

We help industry with specialists in many different areas. These include the streamlining and structuring R&D, either internally or, increasingly often, with other parties in the ecosystem. For example, with the development and introduction of innovations supported with subsidies. We can help you manage operations through the use of dashboards to monitor and improve performance. Or we can support you to improve flexible deployment of staff. We can also guide you in the development of a digitisation roadmap, whether it be for the introduction of 3D printing, cobots, AGVs or other Industry 4.0 topics. Finally, we can help you in setting up, organising and making better use of ERP and CRM.

How we work

Realistic solutions

Berenschot has unparalleled experience with industry. Since our founding in 1938, we have advised and supported parties in manufacturing and other industries and provided interim management. Armed with in-depth knowledge of the industrial sector, we work to provide realistic solutions that are practical, transparent and goal-driven. We have strong analytical and implementation skills and, working alongside your team, can support you with the realisation of improvement projects.