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Operational excellence

Operational excellence optimises operational management, helps to control processes and improve performance.
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Operational issues

Change is difficult. It takes time, money and often a great deal of effort. But it is also necessary if you want to improve the quality and speed of your processes, increase productivity and see profits grow. Operational excellence brings all of these goals a step closer. Working closely with our clients in industry, as well as the energy, utilities and technical services sectors, this is how we make a difference in their most important operational challenges at the heart of the business.

Improving performance first

We bring the added value which fits with your development. We do that close to your primary processes in a way which is sound and pragmatic. We carry out a careful analysis to understand the specific context of your operations, select the most suitable method and can quickly provide you with insight using our analysis and benchmarking tools. We embed the changes by introducing or supporting improvement projects and programmes. We can also provide support through our implementation model in which we assign a team or an interim professional with a specific improvement task to work within your organisation for a certain period of time.

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What we do

Getting to grips with your operational issues

Solutions to operational issues

We identify improvement potential, design solutions and implement the improvements you want to see in projects related to your main operational challenges. Our consultants have the necessary sector knowledge and change management skills and can draw on a wide range of analysis and improvement methods. They combine a practical hands-on method with a people-oriented approach to implementation, together with firm project management.

Improving performance through operational management

Our experts in the areas of Lean, Six Sigma and Operations Management can help you to set up and establish operational management to ensure continuous improvement of your performance and primary processes. We can optimise the steering, train your team leaders and the internal improvement organisation to support its implementation in practice.

Automation of planning, workflow and dashboarding

We can bring in doers and thinkers as a temporary support to help your organisation accelerate work process automation within your current IT infrastructure. We work alongside the teams, using the day-to-day dynamic as the source for improvements. We achieve  process improvements and develop simple tools which will give you more insight and enable you to get to grips with your processes