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We see that the Netherlands is constantly evolving. A lot is changing, both in society and in the nature of organisations. We have closely followed these developments for more than 85 years while working towards a progressive society. And in that context we have become known for providing consultancy for the long term and support for its implementation. Always focused on progress and making a real difference to people, organisations and society. Everything we do is carefully researched, substantiated and examined from many different angles. Our advice is tough on content while always taking the human dimension into account. Our consultants do their utmost to turn complex issues into practical solutions that you can work with.

About us

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Berenschot has had an office in the Belgian capital Brussels since 1962, which focuses on HR consultancy. In addition, we are a member of the E-I Consulting Group which gives us access to local networks in many European countries.

The Netherlands

The European Union has a major impact on national, provincial and local government, as well as the commercial sector. Berenschot supports and advises Dutch businesses and local government bodies wanting to expand their presence in Europe.