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Careers at Berenschot

Working for Berenschot means advising interesting customers in the business or public sectors. Berenschot provides valuable new insights that give customers a head start.
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This includes performance improvements, greater efficiency, growth, continuity or a better market position. That is our great passion and our strength. For this reason, we have been at the top of the consulting business for eighty years.

While working for Berenschot, you will continue to develop yourself each year on the basis of a personal development plan. You will have ample room to take initiative and to achieve your ambitions. We consider personnel development essential, for our clients deserve the best consultants with the most up-to-date knowledge. That is why the Berenschot Academy was established. For personal reflection, experimentation and the development of skills. And the Berenschot Foundation too, for research into socially relevant, economic or professional subjects and related publications.


Would you like to contribute to interesting assignments in the EU? The EU Team is looking for enthusiastic and talented juniors who would like to be included in Berenschot’s EU Talent Pool.


What's it like to work at Berenschot?

We hope to be able to enthuse you when you read our vacancy texts. If you need a clearer image of what we do and what it's like to work at Berenschot, please watch our (Dutch) video!

We also have an active policy to achieve a diverse workforce in which everyone, regardless of his or her background, is welcome.

Visit the Dutch website to read more about our inclusive hiring policy.