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We can help your organisation to become ‘digital ready’ in accordance with the latest EU legislation.
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Making Europe ‘digital ready’

With a new European strategy on data and platforms, along with the Digital Services Act (DSA), the Von der Leyen Commission has made far-reaching proposals that are intended to create a safer and more open internet for Europeans. This package of measures will steer Europe’s digital policy for the long term and will have enormous consequences for regional authorities and businesses. How will these measures affect your organisation? And what is the best way to prepare for this digital transformation?

We can help your organisation to become ‘digital proof’ in accordance with the latest EU legislation.

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Data maturity scan

A data maturity scan provides you with insight into the current level of data governance in your organisation. It will also show you how you can optimise the technology, processes and organisation surrounding this. If required, we can support you in setting up an effective data strategy and show you how to incorporate European digital policy measures.

A future-ready system

To meet the new legislation you will need to develop digital policy, systems and standards. We can support you in making existing systems ‘future-ready’, carry out impact analyses further to the legislation and, where there are administrative procedures involved, we can advise you on standards in order to reach consensus in your organisation.

Ethical concerns

Digitalisation raises many new issues, including in relation to ethics and inclusiveness. We can help you with the basic principles of ethics and digital transformation and offer a practical roadmap towards the ethical use of data and digital technology.