Forecasting Europe 2023

Forecasting Europe 2023

Forecasting Europe 2023

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07 March 2023

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2022 characterizes a tumultuous year for Europe. Albeit Europe got a grip on the covid pandemic and its economic consequences, the EU was surprised by the Russian invasion of Ukraine already early that year. Experts soon talked about a Europe of before, and after February 24.

A new humanitarian and refugee crisis unleashed on the European continent, the necessity of further EU-defense expansion became more widely recognized and the rising inflation and high gas and energy prices caused an unprecedented cost-of-living crisis. Predominantly the latter functioned as an incentive for the EU to accelerate the process towards independence and a greener economy.

Prognosing in unpredictable times

As a tradition, Berenschot previews on expected European developments deemed important to the Netherlands the coming year, with the sidenote that we are living in unpredictable times. The following four themes will be scrutinized in four short articles respectively: towards an affordable public transport system, participatory governance and communication higher on the EU agenda, safeguarding a socially just energy transition and the increasing role of Defence, Security & Space high in Europe.

EU collaboration as both an opportunity and necessity

Berenschot anticipates on the challenges ahead and considers EU collaboration as both an opportunity and necessity. The aforementioned four topics together form the basis of the article ‘Forecasting Europe 2023’, which amongst others sheds light on where this necessity comes from.

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