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We offer three tools to make a success of your defence cooperation in the European Union.
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Successful cooperation on defence projects

International cooperation is essential to safeguard international security. The European Union is taking increasing responsibility for defence and security policy and is promoting increased collaboration on defence projects, for instance through PESCO and the European Defence Fund. Nonetheless, more international cooperation is called for: to recruit and train personnel, to develop, acquire and sell equipment and to do R&D. After all, the 27 EU member states cannot guarantee the security of their external borders in splendid isolation.

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Three tools for successful cooperation on defence projects

Advice on the European Defence Fund

In 2017 the European Defence Fund was established to support member states achieve better value for money in defence spending, improve security for Europe’s citizens, and encourage joint R&D investments for defence equipment and technology. The fund provides subsidies to EU member states for collaborative defence projects. Berenschot can advise you on the opportunities available to your organisation through the fund and support your subsidy applications.

Multi-stakeholder approach

To establish effective and strategic cooperation it is important to identify the capacity of partners. The multi-stakeholder approach offers you a practical framework for collaboration in businesses, organisations and institutions. 

The approach emphasises collaborative working on areas of mutual benefit, by reinforcing interactive cross-border and cross-sectoral stakeholder dialogues, among other things.

Defence Impact Scan

With the help of our Defence Impact Scan you can identify the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities for your organisation, before going on to work with other stakeholders to set up collaborative European defence projects. Following the scan, we meet with you to go through the opportunities for joint defence initiatives in Europe. We take the outcomes of the scan as the basis for tailored recommendations and support you in organising the internal and external processes needed to establish practical and effective European collaborative projects. We then advise you how to incorporate the ambitious European security policy in your own strategy and organisation.