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Who we are

Working towards a more inclusive labour market

Our focus is on making a useful contribution to creating a more inclusive labour market.
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Our activities

We do this in various ways, including by offering in-kind advice on this topic to non-profit and other organisations, as well as organising practical round table sessions, for instance with the employer’s network De Normaalste Zaak, which focuses on knowledge sharing and providing inspiration. We further support a number of projects which seek to link current and future jobseekers with the labour market.

By actively involving Berenschot staff with CSR activities related to inclusiveness, we encourage interaction between our consultants and people with different backgrounds, fostering greater awareness of the types of problems these people face.

Inclusiveness starts with every one of us

If you want to change something, you must start by changing yourself. We are aware of our role as a model employer. For years we have employed people representing a wide range of talent and have demonstrated that this is possible at all levels of an organisation.

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