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Study tour Paris: The Future of Work

Study tour Paris: The Future of Work

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04 June 2025

Are you looking for the key to transition effectively to the work of the future? Why not join Berenschot on a voyage of discovery to Paris?

From 4-7 Juni 2025 Berenschot is organising an exclusive study tour to Paris for HR- and business-executives. We will spend a few days considering the The Future of Work and the role of sustainability and human capital in organisations. How can we, as organisations and as a society, deal with the changes ahead in a sustainable way and how do we incorporate human capital into this? On the basis of sound academic evidence, this trip offers you a unique opportunity to develop your own vision for the future of work in your organisation as a sustainable and innovative employer. 

Why Paris?

You might be thinking: ‘Why Paris?’ The Paris business community is renowned for its innovative approach and the key role it plays in various industries. Its most striking features include: 

  1. Technology and digital innovation: Paris is home to countless start-ups and technology firms that are working on new technologies with fascinating applications when it comes to commerce, fintech, healthcare and artificial intelligence.
  2. Sustainability and human capital: Many businesses in Paris have become sustainable enterprises that actively promote environmentally friendly business models. For instance, by investing in green energy, recycling and reducing carbon emissions, but also staff retraining.
  3. Creative industry and design: Paris is world famous for its creative industries including fashion, luxury goods, gastronomy and art. Parisian businesses working in these fields constantly strive to create new designs, trends and innovative products.
  4. Ecosystem for start-ups: Paris has a flourishing ecosystem for start-ups and entrepreneurship. All supported by government initiatives that encourage start-ups and attract investment to drive innovative ideas and companies.

Sustainability: Climate Agreement

In 2016 the European Union signed the Paris Climate Agreement on behalf of all its members, including the Netherlands. Its overarching goal is to hold the increase in global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. The EU member states have agreed that the EU must reduce its carbon emissions by at least 55% by 2030 and become climate-neutral by 2050. Many organisations in Paris are keen to lead by example on this.


Paris has invested in high value public infrastructure including its extensive public transport system and connectivity options, providing efficient mobility options for its businesses.

Power to change

The power to change is deeply rooted part in the DNA of many organisations in Paris: they are at the forefront of change, take a proactive approach, and are not afraid to embrace new developments. Changes to the Future of Work? You’ll certainly find plenty of examples in the French capital.

Programme outline

Together with a select group of HR- and business-executives, we will spend three days looking for inspiration and answers. We will discuss the challenges we face and reflect on French perspectives on work and life. Among the themes we will be examining are: the major labour market challenges, sustainability, Sustainable Development Goals, sustainable HR, and the impact of disruptive innovations on organisations and on the future of work.

In Paris we will visit one of its main universities (the Sorbonne) and the Dutch embassy. We will also visit a number of leading organisations. Naturally there will be time for cultural elements, including visits to museums such as the Louvre. 

During the study tour there will be plenty of time for reflection, networking and for linking insights to your own practical situation. Since this trip has sustainability as an important theme, we travel to Paris by train.

Image - Sorbonne university

What will you gain by joining this tour?

Inspiration and insights derived from both academic research and everyday practice:

  • Insight into and an understanding of the technological, economic and social developments taking place in France, with a particular focus on the theme of sustainability, human capital and the Future of Work:
    • How do the French approach the themes of sustainability or multiple value creation in organisations
    • What role does HR play in organising sustainability and how does it enable reskilling or upskilling of the workforce in French organisations?
      • How do the French deal with change? How do the French organise the changing working environmen and how do they prepare employees for it?
  • What impact have disruptive events (such as the Covid-19 pandemic) and innovations had on organisations in France? What lessons have they learned for the future?
  • In 2024, Paris has gained a lot of experience in making the city more sustainable by hosting the Olympic Games. We will further investigate the lessons learned from the organizations surrounding the 2025 Olympic Games. Did the event accelerate or provide new challenges in achieving the objectives of the climate agreement?

On this basis you will develop a sharp vision of the Future of Work, translated into an action plan for your own organization. Furthermore, you will build an exceptional and strong network of ambitious (Dutch) HR and business executives.

Your investment

The guide price is € 5.200, (excluding VAT). This covers the entire programme, including travel and subsistence costs, comprising:

  • return train ticket and hotel accommodation;
  • breakfast, lunches and dinners in selected restaurants;
  • local transport (by public transport);
  • company visits in Paris;
  • university visits in Paris;
  • interesting lectures;
  • cultural activities;
  • pre-departure -off event.

Your travelling companions

  • Hans van der Molen, chairman of the board at Berenschot
  • Annet de Lange, Professor in ‘sustainable employability’, Open University and a senior managing consultant & Berenschot
  • Jamie de Wal, MSc., consultant at Berenschot
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