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Risk management

We help organizations with their risk management by signaling and addressing political risks, strategic risks, corporate risks and both safety and security risks.
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All organizations face different kinds of risks, some of which cause loss. Think of European developments such as Brexit or the introduction of European laws. At Berenschot, risk management is one of our key services.

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What we do

Tailor made solutions

We have a great amount of experience with risk management at many public and private clients and in many different subjects. Our focus lies on risk management at organizations that are involved in, or affected by, the European Union. Our academic approach involves tailor made risk models, resilience strategies, integral safety plans and more. Past assignments have shown a long term impact for the better on our public and private clients.

Some examples of our services are:

  • Risk management of a no-deal Brexit (2018-2019) for the Dutch government, which included the development of a qualitative risk analysis tool in order to define the key risks posed to the Netherlands when exposed to a no-deal Brexit. Besides defining the risks, we trained directors and directors-general of Dutch ministries to prepare them for the worst-case scenarios of a no-deal Brexit.
  • Crisis management and training of numerous public and private actors. With over 20 years of experience, Berenschot is one of the key suppliers in both training and practice in the field of crisis management.
  • Incident analyses of water crises, plane crashes, soccer riots and terrorist attacks.