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Policy evaluation & impact analysis

Policies should be rooted in evidence and insights regarding what works. It follows that policies and programmes should be evaluated using rigorous research methods in order to learn from successes and challenges and improve practices for the future.
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We help organizations in politically sensitive and result oriented environments by conducting ex ante, ex durante and ex post impact assessments and evaluations of policies. Including:

  • Designing policy and programme theories (logic models)
  • Evaluations of recently introduced laws
  • Process evaluations of policies and programmes
  • Impact assessments and outcome evaluations
  • Evaluations and assessment of the economic and budgetary implications of policies, programmes and organisations
  • Evaluation of public organizational effectiveness
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What we do

Academic approach towards impact analysis

As experienced evaluators, we know all too well that the real world is not a laboratory. Policies and programmes that seek to improve citizen’s lives take place in the real world and are an integral part of complex (inter)governmental dynamics. We stand for a rigorous, academic approach towards evaluation and impact assessment, but we are aware of and experienced in dealing with the complexity of evaluating real world events.

Our evaluation results and conclusions are the result of objective and independent analyses. We work closely together with our clients to determine the research questions that help them improve their practices and use our experience as policy consultants to help them do so based on our results. This requires an extensive focus on our relationships with clients and their stakeholders throughout the process; keystone to our approach.

We carrie over 80 years of experience evaluating policies at every governmental level in the Netherlands. The services we evaluate focus on a broad range of civil and social issues, including but not limited to the energy transition and climate change, health care and wellbeing, social services, education, pensions and the labour market, and the built environment.

We use current best scientific methods (including REFIT, realistic and experimental methods) and our researchers and evaluation consultants have received their training from competitive programmes at top research institutions from multiple European countries.