Operational excellence

Today, operational excellence is a key management theme for both profit and non-profit organisations. Indeed, the objective of operational excellence is to maximise operating profit. Whilst this means keeping costs as low as possible, it also means adding as much value as possible and offering added value to the client in order to boost revenue.

The customer is at the centre of operational excellence. Therefore, operational excellence translates into the following: ‘optimising and achieving excellent operational management that consistently produces efficient and effective products and services that customers are looking for'. Operational excellence is then also concerned with quality, speed, reliable delivery and innovation. In this respect, we note that the objective of ‘maximising operating profit' is not particularly relevant for non-profit organisations, although efficiency and effectiveness are important themes in this sector too: doing more with fewer people and resources.

Do you recognize any of these challenges?

  • Customer demands are escalating: faster and cheaper
  • The pressure on reliability and flexibility is steadily increasing
  • Profitability lags behind sales growth
  • Maintaining improvements achieved is difficult
  • Professionals are hard to find and hard to keep
  • Management is bogged down with operational activities

If so, then Operational Excellence is for you. Operational Excellence comprises the analysis, benchmarking and improvement of all operational activities in the chain. And Berenschot can help. We can provide you with objective advice on your improvement potential and help you plan your Operational Excellence management agenda: a project calendar with priorities. We work closely with your managers and personnel, in order to ensure a lasting change

How do you benefit?

  • Lower operating costs
  • Increased added value
  • Lower stocks, higher productivity
  • Shorter lead times, higher delivery reliability and the ability to respond more flexibly to customer needs and requirements
  • Earn more money: do more with less!
Joes Wigman

Joes Wigman

Managing director

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