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Security and crisis management

A crisis situation will have a major impact on your organisation. Security and crisis management then demand all of everyone’s attention. This includes taking measures, limiting damage and informing stakeholders.
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What we do

Effectief handelen in een crisissituatie

Over the years we have built up extensive expertise and experience in the areas of social, physical and digital security and crisis management. We help ministries, municipalities, security regions, water boards, the police, public-private partnerships and the business community to develop an agile crisis organisation with competent people.

How we work

Blame-free learning from incidents

Evaluating incidents is necessary to be able to learn from them. Yet incident evaluation is still a sensitive topic in many organisations. This is because those involved do not know precisely what is being investigated, who the evaluation is intended for and what will be done with the results. Often they fear that the results will be used or even abused to apportion blame.

We understand this concern and can help you with the evaluation of incidents. We do this based on our objective and independent position while taking into account potential sensitivities within your organisation. 

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