Competency catalogue

Competency catalogue

Competency catalogue

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21 February 2024

This competency catalogue contains more than 60 descriptions of important competencies, including future skills and tips to start with competency management. Berenschot’s competency catalogue is an useful and interactive digital book.

Francel Vos, Niek de Groot, Anke van Rossum en Sherrin Groenendijk
Release date
February 2024
€ 600,- (excl. VAT)
Digital (interactive PDF)
Dutch and English
Competency catalogue

You can order our digital competency catalogue (interactive PDF) here.


Berenschot's competency catalogue helps you determine the most important competencies for your organisation. In this catalogue we describe our vision on competency management and competencies. We provide more than 60 descriptions of competencies for now and in the future. For each competency we provide:

  • A definition
  • Three levels of behaviour, including concrete behavioural examples
  • Potential to develop competencies and development tips
  • Coaching tips for managers, including STAR(t) questions
  • Related competencies