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Strategic Partnership between Berenschot and Layers Consulting

Strategic Partnership between Berenschot and Layers Consulting

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23 May 2024

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As of May 1st, Berenschot and the Japanese firm Layers Consulting have entered into a strategic partnership. During the first week of May, both parties officially signed the agreement. The partners aim to better support multinationals active in Japan and the Netherlands and to expand their own knowledge base.

Layers Consulting (the name "Layers" refers to the layered nature of their consulting services, from strategy to human resources) was actively seeking a relevant sparring and cooperation partner in Europe to better serve its multinational clients. Like Berenschot, the firm focuses on multi-level and multi-stakeholder consulting services and HR-related consulting assignments. "Due to the common ground between us, they invited us to get to know each other better. Moreover, we both share the same drive to further develop the quality of our consultancy work,” says Annet de Lange, who is the contact person for the partnership at Berenschot.

Expanding the client portfolio

The collaboration entails that Layers Consulting will enlist Berenschot’s help for relevant HR and labor market expertise and regional knowledge for their European and Dutch consultancy assignments. “Conversely, we can assist Dutch multinationals in connecting with the Japanese labor market through our partnership with Layers Consulting,” says De Lange. “In this way, we hope to expand our client portfolio with multinationals active in both the Netherlands and Japan and to build targeted knowledge together.”

About Layers Consulting

Founded in 1983 and based in Tokyo, Layers Consulting employs over 500 staff. The management consultancy firm primarily focuses on advisory services in business administration/management accounting, corporate strategy, business process re-engineering, supply chain management, human resource management, and IT management. More information can be found at  (available in Japanese and English).