Improve your market position with 3D Printing |

Improve your market position with 3D Printing

 Improve your market position with 3D Printing

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04 March 2020

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3D Printing, also known as additive manufacturing (AM), can help organizations to strengthen their market position, improve product development and production processes, or optimize the supply chain. Economic impact is found in the top line (sales growth) and the bottom line (reduction of costs, higher margins). However, most companies are not yet aware of this.

Advantages of 3D Printing

Are you aware of the market opportunities 3D printing can bring? Nowadays we see organizations customizing their products to the specific needs of customers, or adding extra functionality to the parts. The increased value the product has for their customers translates in a higher sales price and more turnover. Also, 3D Printing is used to obtain a ‘first mover advantage’, leading to increased market share. Customer lock-in is realized by using 3D Printing to truly co-create products together with customers. Product development and production benefits are already captured for many operations. Faster and cheaper product development is realized when using 3D Printing for prototyping. Engineering and production is optimized to create more sustainable production processes. Robust parts are being produced while using less material and producing less waste. In addition, with the use of 3D Printing customized tooling can be produced more affordable, which brings small series production within reach.

Setting up the supply chain effectively

Another area that 3D Printing facilitates is the supply chain. Some companies are currently lowering their stock levels as 3D Printing allows them to print on demand and sometimes even on, or very close to, the location of use. Combining reverse engineering with 3D Printing helps you to deliver out of stock parts and support your customer realizing an increased lifetime of assets. Do you sometimes wonder why you have parts on stock with no demand, but empty boxes for the parts in need? Then 3D Printing might be part of your solution. In a project we carried out in the Oil & Gas industry, with companies like Shell, BP and Total, we found that supply chain benefits were amongst the most interesting benefits 3D Printing could bring to them.

Our experience in 3D Printing

Over the past 15 years, Berenschot has guided companies in the targeted use of 3D Printing. We have learned that successful companies set their efforts to specifically targeted benefits. Which benefits should you target? Based on our experience we have developed the Berenschot Business Impact Model (3D BIM). A tool to help you quickly gain insights into the competitive advantages that 3D Printing can bring to your company. With BIM you can determine which deployment of 3D Printing is most profitable and suits you best. The tool even support your strategic choice with an investment plan and indication of payback time.

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