Berenschot becomes partner Hyperloop Development Program

Berenschot becomes a partner in Hyperloop Development Program

Berenschot becomes a partner in Hyperloop Development Program

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14 September 2021

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Berenschot has become a partner in the ecosystem of the Hyperloop Development Program (HDP), a public – private partnership between Hardt Hyperloop, the Dutch Ministries of Economics & Climate and Infrastructure & Water Management, the Dutch Province of Groningen, a group of business and industry parties and knowledge and research institutions.

The aim of the program is to develop hyperloop as a safe, sustainable and commercially viable model of high-speed transportation.

Active contribution

The partnership fits with our mission to actively contribute to sustainability and the energy transition in the Netherlands. One focus area is to help make the transport of people and goods more sustainable. “In our daily practice we frequently address issues around sustainability in national and international mobility systems. We also have extensive experience in developing successful strategies and guiding processes in complex political arenas and in public-private partnerships,” says Kaj Mook, senior consultant at Berenschot. “For us hyperloop presents opportunities and possibilities for innovation to achieve climate targets and to create a safe and healthy environment for people to live in. So we are delighted to contribute our knowledge and expertise to the Hyperloop Development Program.”

Exploratory studies and roadmap

As a partner Berenschot will study how hyperloop can be applied in the Dutch context. The result will be a roadmap with strategic choices for implementing a hyperloop in the Netherlands. “As a first step towards the roadmap we will conduct two exploratory studies, known as ‘Outlooks’. Their purpose is to inform central and regional government bodies and other stakeholders about the potential of a hyperloop network in the Netherlands and in Europe. Among other things we will consider options for interesting routes and the added value of the related public-private ecosystem for the Netherlands. In 2022 a second Outlook will give more detailed attention to specific possibilities for expanding the cooperation.”

More information about the program

More information about the hyperloop program can be found at

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