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Performance appraisal and remuneration

A decent salary is no longer enough. Autonomy at work, meaningful work, room for personal growth, a great place to work and plain and simple appreciation are now just as important.
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Many organisations still use a carefully designed job description and performance appraisal system as the basis for their remuneration policy. We can help you in selecting a suitable system and its implementation. For more modern, self-managing, agile organisations, often with a non-hierarchical structure, we use a role model system as a basis for performance evaluation.


Performance appraisal: the new style

Alongside basic salary and possibly a bonus, it is important to look at the secondary benefits included in the employment package. More and more organisations also make use of employees’ intrinsic motivation. Development and career opportunities play a large part in that, along with continual feedback, management style and the culture of the organisation. We can help organisations to implement new appraisal and remuneration systems.

Employee experience

In designing the total experience that employers want to create, i.e. the employee experience, in many cases we start by defining or re-defining the employee value proposition. In so doing, we show how your organisation differs from others. We then look at the degree to which you, as an employer, deliver what you promise. To do this we map the entire employee journey, which reveals the areas in need of attention and improvement. Finally, we measure and monitor the employment experience as staff actually perceive it and make suggestions for ways to optimise that experience.

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Our solutions for performance appraisal

Job description and performance appraisal systems

There are different types of job description and performance appraisal systems available to be able to rank positions. We can help organisations with the careful selection and implementation of these systems.

Modern job classification tables and dynamic roles

People working in organisations increasingly have multiple roles. Classical job descriptions no longer apply in such a situation. A role-based method can offer a solution.

Performance management

Performance management is increasingly about tapping into the intrinsic motivation of employees. We can help organisations to set up these new reward and appraisal methods.

Designing the employee experience

Many employers recognise the importance of a positive ‘employee experience’, one that matches the organisation’s mission, goals and core values. But how do you achieve that as an employer?