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Who we are

Climate-conscious business

Our aim is to do business in a way which is climate-neutral or has a positive impact on the climate.
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From compensation to reduction

At Berenschot we compensate for our CO2 emissions by buying CO2 credits (investing in sustainable energy projects), but we think that this is not enough. We are actively looking for ways to physically reduce our CO2 emissions, with a focus on mobility, our offices and the use of raw materials.

Our activities


We limit our environmentally harmful journeys by using public transport, cycling and encouraging people to work more from home and on a flexible basis. In addition, we promote the use of electric vehicles by providing charging stations in our parking facilities, for example.

Raw materials

Everyone at Berenschot is encouraged to use less paper and to separate waste. We are currently looking into the sustainable procurement of raw materials.


We recently moved to a sustainable office building (A++ status). Circular furniture (furniture which has been refurbished) has been provided in some parts of the office.

Partnering for knowledge and networks

In addition, as a partner in MVO Nederland we are part of the movement for a ‘New Economy’. This is another way in which we can make a difference, not only as a business committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), but also by actively contributing to a more sustainable and greener future.