The energy sector is in transition towards more sustainable solutions. This transition brings radical changes, creating opportunities as well as challenges for all parties involved. The development towards a more sustainable energy system is a dynamic process, in which several elements recur. These elements are important to keep in mind when thinking about the future energy system:

  • Increased generation of sustainable energy
  • More local production
  • More urgency in flexibility
  • Increasing electrification
  • Growing complexity of the energy system
  • The changing role of gas
  • New focus on CO2-neutral solutions for the heating market

Berenschot works together with a high variety of parties in the energy sector to accelerate the energy transition and holds a broad portfolio related to the energy transition. Our approach integrates extensive expertise of energy markets, technologies, strategy and regulation with a high process-driven involvement of dialogue and stakeholder engagement.

Bert den Ouden

Bert den Ouden

Managing director

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