Energy transition: towards sustainable solution

The energy transition brings radical changes, creating opportunities as well as challenges for enterprises, businesses and governments involved. The development towards a more sustainable energy system is a dynamic process, with different development paths. These paths are surrounded with a wide range of uncertainties, risks, policy questions and technological challenges. Think of increased generation of sustainable energy, more local production, more urgency for system flexibility and a growing complexity of the energy system. Scenario studies, joint fact finding and roadmaps reduce these risks and uncertainties.

Energy transition at all levels

In order to accelerate the energy transition, Berenschot works together with a high variety of parties in the energy sector. We do this by helping EU institutions, governments, European regions, enterprises and organizations with several solutions:

  • Feasibility and system studies
  • Opportunity mapping
  • Energy roadmaps
  • Qualitative and quantitative scenarios
  • Subsidy and program development
  • Neutral intermediary between EU and business representatives
  • Policy and strategic advice

Making use of the best-pratices among our (Dutch) experiences and expertise, our approach integrates extensive and in depth expertise of energy markets, knowledge on sustainability with deep technical insight (electricity, gas, heat power, hydrogen and CO2).

More information

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