About Berenschot

Berenschot is an independent management consultancy firm with 350 employees worldwide. For 80 years, we have impressed our clients in the public and business sectors with smart, new insights. We acquire these new insights and turn them into something practicable. We do this by combining innovation and creativity. Again and again. Clients prefer Berenschot because our advice gives them a head start.

Our firm is staffed by inspiring and determined individuals who all share the same passion: organising, i.e. transforming complex issues into practicable solutions. Because of our broad sphere of activity and extensive expertise, clients can call on us for a wide variety of assignments and projects. And we can put together multidisciplinary teams to tackle all aspects of an issue.

Knowledge and employee development

We devote a great deal of attention to the quality and development of our professionals. And the bar is set high. This is why we established a program for personal reflection, experimentation and the development of skills. And a Berenschot InnovationLab, our ‘R&D laboratory’, to promote research into socially relevant, economic or professional subject areas. After all, our clients are entitled to excellent consultants and professional advice based on the latest insights.

Terms and conditions

All our services are subject to our General Terms and Conditions. Additionally, Berenschot maintains a Professional Code of Conduct.


The management system of Berenschot meets various international standards and is certified accordingly (ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001). Also, Berenschot is registered in the Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance and is compliant to quality code of the CRKBO (the Dutch Central Register for Short Vocational Training).

Hans van der Molen

Hans van der Molen

Chairman of the Board of Berenschot Groep