Joost Krebbekx

I started working for Berenschot in 1998, having spent 11 years working for Philishave in Drachten and for Fokker Ypenburg in various management and other positions. A high school friend of mine, who at that time was working for Berenschot and who thought I would be an excellent fit for the company, suggested I consider working there. We hit it off immediately during the application process, which therefore took no time to complete.

At Berenschot, my colleagues and I are often involved in innovation projects for individual companies, as well as for groups of companies. We therefore have a great deal of experience in foresight studies, innovation processes and collaborative aspects. Sustainability is currently an important theme in our day-to-day work. This has produced results such as:

  • The sound shields of the future;
  • The 2020 Solar Roadmap for the Netherlands business sector;
  • The strategic impact of sustainability on the Rubber and Plastics industry.

It is especially the variety of different types of projects and customers (yesterday the construction industry, today the dairy industry, tomorrow the chemical industry and the day after tomorrow high-tech systems) which ensures that no day is ever the same. Normally I am involved in 5 to 7 projects at the same time. If you hate routine, then Berenschot is the place to be!


"My technical background (Aviation and Aerospace Technology at Delft University of Technology) certainly still comes in handy; the fact that you understand what they are involved in gives you a head start with many customers."