Eveline Castelijns

After completing my Health Sciences studies in 2004, I started working for the Ministry of Health, Welfare & Sport. A perfectly instructive and pleasant start to my career. However, after five years I began to get restless. I wanted to get closer to the actual practice of healthcare and work in a result-oriented and dynamic environment. This brought me to Berenschot in 2009.

I consider the interaction with other Berenschot employees and other disciplines very valuable. It always produces interesting discussions and that keeps you sharp. And there is no shortage of extracurricular activities. We regularly go out for a meal together, participate in activities outside the office or go skiing for a long weekend. Former colleagues often join us in these activities as well.

Since starting Berenschot, I have been involved in many interesting assignments for various customers: hospitals, old people's homes, institutions for the disabled, mental healthcare institutions and occasionally an assignment for my former employer. The customer's request and the associated approach are different each time. This has enabled me to develop a great deal of new knowledge and skills. This is something that Berenschot definitely encourages. Last year I started working on my e-MBA at the Rotterdam School of Management. This allows me to immediately apply the new knowledge and insights gained during my studies for our customers.

I am currently conducting strategic foresight studies for various healthcare institutions. This is definitely where my passion lies: providing customers with optimal healthcare within financial constraints is not only a social responsibility of a healthcare organisation, it is also indispensable if the organisation is to be future-proof.


"My wishes have come true. At Berenschot I ended up in an ambitious and diverse team with a single common denominator: a love for the healthcare sector."