Integrity and Leadership

Integrity of directors is a popular topic nowadays. Numerous incidents have caused the performance of public administrators, social organisations and companies to be subjected to intense scrutiny.

Accepting favours from a company, favouring family members when hiring, favouring a company when inviting tenders, allocating a subsidy to an organisation in which the director has an interest and voting in an executive body or board on matters in which the person casting the vote has an interest. These are just some examples of incidents concerning directors, managers, politicians and top civil servants that have attracted calls for closer monitoring of their performance by society and the media.

In some cases, media pressure contributes to the instigation of an independent investigation. The increased attention is explainable. Engaging an independent party to conduct enquiries into an incident reflects the professionalisation of management, executive and supervisory bodies.

Berenschot can support you in various ways with issues related to integrity and leadership:

  • Fact-finding and Ethics Review
    Whenever there are ethics issues, Berenschot can help organisations uncover the actual chain of events through objective and meticulous investigations. However, we also help trace the deeper underlying causes to prevent the recurrence of incidents.
  • Ethics, Behaviour and Culture
    Structural attention to everything related to ethical behaviour is a must for any organisation. Berenschot helps directors identify and evaluate culture and integrity by performing culture and integrity scans up to actually intervening and changing attitudes and behaviour.