Centre of Expertise for Collaborative Arrangements

Integral approach for organisation-transcending collaboration

Pressured by budget cuts and the decentralisation of tasks, increasing numbers of organisations are looking for opportunities for collaboration. New collaborative arrangements are shooting up like mushrooms.

Organisations increasingly are using the fundamental reorganisation of tasks and authorities between individual management layers, or between public and private organisations as an instrument for combining and achieving their objectives and ambitions. For example, for achieving greater management and executing strength, better chain integration and innovation. Almost always the objective is to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the public domain. The question, however, is: how? And how should the partnership be shaped?

Berenschot has many years of experience in developing and setting up or assisting in setting up various types of collaborative arrangements in the public domain. We have used this experience as a basis for developing proven methods for properly structuring, designing and evaluating any conceivable form of such collaborative arrangements.

Combination of disciplines

We bundle our strengths in the Collaborative Arrangements Centre of Expertise:

This combination of disciplines enables us to address all the possible aspects of an issue. This way we help clients in devising, developing and implementing their collaborative arrangements.

Collaborative arrangements require a multidisciplinary approach

‘How can we carry out our tasks better and more efficiently together with other organisations?’

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