Quick Scan 3D Printing

Many companies contemplate investments in 3D printing, but reaching a decision is hard.

  • Improved functionality of products
  • Extra speed in product design
  • Better tooling
  • Lower stock levels

How to compare? What to focus on?

The Quick Scan 3D Printing helps to assess and compare the various benefits of 3D printing for your company.

Quick Scan 3D Printing answers 2 questions: Should I invest? and if yes: Where and how?

  • The Quick Scan 3D Printing:
    • Pinpoints the most interesting opportunities for your company
    • Indicates a range of economic value this could bring


  • Based on these observations you can focus your attention, detail your business case and reap the benefits:
    • Capture market opportunities
    • Improve R&D and production
    • Create supply chain efficiencies
    • Be front runner in 3D Printing

Quick Scan 3D Printing: The works


  • The Quick Scan 3D Printing is a 2 week spurt
  • During the week of homework participants will be triggered daily
  • Real life examples to be used during session (touch and see)
  • All departments of a company involved, not only engineering

Quick Scan 3D Printing, coming to you this summer

  • We are finalising the tool
    launch September 2016
  • From today
    • Open for test users
      at discounted rates
  • Questions?


What is the value of your highest potential benefit?

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