Always adapt: the survival strategy

The world is constantly changing and everything seems to happen at once. As strategy advisers, we see how businesses face an all-enveloping flood of development. Digitalisation, robotisation, 3D printing, blockchain and big data make digital transformation a necessity. Then there are other trends that are having a huge impact too, such as the energy transition, increasing regulation, an ageing population/workforce, ever-changing networks and alliances and ongoing globalisation. We do a survey of these strategy trends every year. Almost every existing certainty is being undermined: disruption looms large. And this raises many questions about the future. And about whether your company is sufficiently future-proof. What are the opportunities for your business? How should you respond to these developments?

Our vision: a strategic lead = mobilisation x (choose + achieve)

We use this formula for success: SL = M x (C + A). Strategy is about making the right, realistic and substantiated choices for your company’s future, including the paths along which, and the means by which, that future is to be shaped.

Strategy formulation needs a human touch. It demands courage, a holistic view, sharp analysis and creativity. A strategy only has value if, at the same time, you can mobilise the energy needed to put those decisions into action - not just in the boardroom, but among all the relevant stakeholders too. We are perhaps more aware of this than anyone else. We believe in the power of strategic dialogue, as that leads to the mobilisation of a company and its partners. This is what puts Berenschot a cut above all the other strategy advice firms in the Netherlands.

Strategy is our passion; it is what we do, and do best. It is the core of everything we do and why we constantly invest in our knowledge and skills on the basis of personal and collective responsibility. At Berenschot Strategie, we employ advisers who want to reach the absolute top of their profession, but who put our clients’ needs and wishes before anything else. We don’t let go until it works.

Strategic Formulation through Strategic Dialogue

The internationally proven approach of Berenschot Strategische Dialoog®, Berenschot Strategic Dialogue, produces sharp analyses in promising future scenarios and clear choices for your company. The key is the dialogue with external and internal stakeholders. After all, a plan without any support, however good, is not enough. The strategy must be implemented quickly and thoroughly to keep pace with the developments. That is why we involve the most important stakeholders, speaking to them in good time and taking them seriously.

That is how we can mobilise them directly so we can execute the chosen strategy. By this means, using the Berenschot Strategische Dialoog®, you will reach choices that make a difference, choices that are realistic and that are supported by all your stakeholders. These choices should immediately be put into action.

Berenschot strategic dialogue

Figure showing the most important aspects of the strategy advice in the Berenschot Strategische Dialoog®.

The Strategic Dialogue is an iterative process that applies to many customer questions. The dialogue focuses on content and process, on doing good things and doing those things well. It is also a means of communication that allows for decisions and actions while keeping options open.

The Berenschot Medezeggenschapsdialoog®, for employee participation, is a variation of the Strategic Dialogue and adds much more value to situations in which a Works Council must be consulted or asked for consent. When large strategic changes occur, a Works Council and a management team might have opposing views, despite their common interest: the continuity and growth of the company. We are firm believers in a joint approach: that the Works Council and the management should work together. Experience shows that moving forward together is far more productive than working against each other.

Berenschot Strategy Trends Survey

For more than 10 years, Berenschot has conducted an annual Strategy Trends Survey, which makes it one of the longest surveys into strategic trends and issues in Dutch trade and industry. The survey reveals what worries CEOs and businesses, which strategic choices they make and how they implement the strategy process in their companies.

What do our clients think of Berenschot?

According to our clients, Berenschot is one of the best professional service providers in the Netherlands. We are proud of our first place in Management Team’s 2017 MT500 survey, which lists the 500 best companies in the Netherlands according to the opinion of their peers: managers, directors and decision-makers from the same sector.

Paul Pietersma

Paul Pietersma

Managing director