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A roadmap makes it easier to create a shared view of the future and helps give structure to the innovation process. One of the key items on a roadmap is the forecast for market-pull and technology-push developments. Usually, we start by sketching one or more pictures of the future, then we reverse the steps we need to pass to reach that future (backcasting): what do we need to do to achieve the results we want?

This type of agenda provides more understanding of how to improve and innovate. To that end, a roadmap describes the opportunities and threats relevant to a certain product, service or technology, its technological, financial and organisational requirements, the various (current and future) potential applications and the critical success factors.

Our services

Berenschot has years of experience in setting up roadmaps for businesses, products, technologies and industries as well as thematic roadmaps (e.g. for CO2 reduction) and putting them into action. We help businesses and government organisations draw up structured, long-term agendas in which the ultimate goals are reached by step by step.

Would you like to try roadmapping?

If you would like to know more about the options for a roadmap project for your company or industry, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our advisers.

Client cases

  • Electrification in the process industry: Recently, Berenschot teamed up with public and private parties to produce a roadmap for electrification in the Dutch process industry. This particular roadmap presents an overview of promising technological options, the corresponding problem areas, insight into the most time-dependent market drivers, the resulting options and development requirements and recommendations for a future policy.
  • 2030 Roadmap for the Dairy Industry: Berenschot has also created a national roadmap for energy efficiency throughout the entire dairy industry. To guarantee its feasibility, we hosted more than three hundred meetings between dairy producers and developers. The aim was to force a breakthrough in wind energy, solar energy and biofermentation. It led to over seventy matches and follow-up projects.
  • Roadmap BIPV: Berenschot also mentors the most innovative solar companies in the Netherlands. For the solar industry, we used technological and economic developments to draw up a roadmap. In addition, we are putting together consortiums of private businesses, public parties and knowledge centres to convert knowledge into innovative products.
  • Roadmap recycling for wooden packaging: Working with experts, Berenschot designed a roadmap for Nedvang, in which we explored more recycling applications for wood.
  • We helped the chemical industry’s trade association when they wanted to produce two roadmaps, one for 2030 and one for 2050, for reducing CO2 and cutting back on energy use. It threw up a detailed analysis of the industry’s options, three alternative scenarios and a validated stance.
  • We helped an international high-tech postal systems company work out a roadmap for new products and technologies, which produced a new R&D programme for the long-term future.
Erik Teunissen

Erik Teunissen

Senior managing consultant

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