Ready for Europe’s digital future?

With its new European data strategy, industrial strategy package and legislative frameworks for digital services, the European Commission and its president Ursula Von der Leyen are taking far-reaching measures to prepare Europe for its digital future. This raft of initiatives will shape digital policy in Europe for the long term and have massive impacts on local government bodies and private companies. What are the implications for your organisation? And what’s the best way to prepare for this digital transformation?

Berenschot offers three tools to future-proof your digital products and digital strategy:

Data maturity scan

First of all, the data maturity scan gives insight into the current status of data governance in your organisation. And helps you find ways to optimise data -related technologies, processes and structures. At your request we can support you in setting up an effective data strategy and guide you when it comes to incorporating European digital policy measures.

Preparing systems for the digital future

You will need to develop policies, systems and standards to comply with new legislation and regulations. We can support your efforts to future-proof your current systems and draw up impact analyses of the new measures. And we can make recommendations on stakeholder management and consensus-building in your organisation on the standards to be achieved.

Ethical framework

Ethics and inclusion are just some of the new issues raised in the transition to a digital Europe. We help you to understand the basic ethical principles underlying digital transformation and provide a detailed roadmap to show the way forward to ethical and responsible use of data and digital technology.

Proactive steps!

Would you like to anticipate and identify the impacts of Europe’s digital future for your organisation or start taking the first proactive steps to comply with new regulations? Please feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to help.

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