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Besides advising on the ‘how’ and the ‘what’, we enjoy taking responsibility in implementing projects too. Sound project management is critical to keep progress on track, signal challenges and opportunities and create commitment among internal and external stakeholders. We recognise our clients’ needs for support in project management after a project has been identified. Our team combines strategic insight with a practical approach to identify challenges, obstacles and opportunities, to select, process and analyse relevant data and to develop various options leading to potential solutions. We bring Berenschot’s international expertise and our own distinctive traditions of strategic insight and innovation to deliver project results for our clients.

At Berenschot we strongly believe in a hands-on approach. Whether clients already have a plan in place that needs implementing or whether they are just about to enter unknown territory with as yet undefined goals, we provide our clients with customised project management, in a joint pursuit to meet the goals. Our portfolio of project management assignments includes national and international public and private sector organisations. We have successfully developed and managed projects in infrastructure, ICT, reorganisations, international business development, fund management, health care, energy transition, etc. (etcetera) Our project management support team consists of high performing, enthusiastic individuals with the necessary knowledge and experience to drive your project forward, keep its progress on track, and deliver results. Our project managers and project management teams are carefully selected and seamlessly adapt to the requirements of the assignment at hand. Specific attention is given to close communication with our clients prior to, during and after our assignments. During the inception phase at the start of our assignments, together with our clients we identify the goals, the deliverables to be developed and the results to be achieved.

Together, we determine the milestones, planning, budget and the roles & responsibilities of our clients and ourselves. During our assignment, we update our clients on the progress made and inform them about any (un)expected challenges encountered. Together we determine the best solutions to deal with these, while keeping our eyes on the ball. After the job is done, we evaluate our services to learn about our client’s experience. By working closely alongside our clients and maintaining a transparent relationship with them, we have been able to achieve optimal results.

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Richard Born

Richard Born

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