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A future-proof organisation design starts here

In their constantly changing environments, organisations are becoming increasingly complex, expanding through global engagement and being confronted with innovational progress, disruption and turmoil in both their markets and operational processes. The challenge for organisations is to understand these complexities and invent effective coping mechanisms to best drive their strategies and business models. And this is exactly where the relevance of organisation design kicks in.

It determines what an organisation should look like in alignment with its strategic intent – the why. It has an impact on how work activities are clustered, what decisions are taken and through what coordination. This, ultimately, shapes how members of the organisation perform - which in turn affects its product and/or service and customer experience.

We approach it from a broad and holistic perspective

More often than not, organisations associate organisation design solely with an organisation chart. However, there are fundamental building blocks to be identified that serve as predictors of organisational performance, before even coming close to drawing reporting lines in an organisation chart. That’s why we advocate a broader and holistic scope, supported by a systems-thinking and pragmatic approach. It enables us to blend our expertise with your organisation’s identity. In our approach, we continuously focus on three basic elements:

  • Division of labour
    How is the organisation’s task divided into smaller ones?
  • Integration of effort
    This touches upon coordination: who interacts with whom for what?
  • Decision-making
    Who takes what decisions based on which information?

We keep it simple and comprehensive

Berenschot can support you in developing a congruent and clear design, reflecting your organisational context. With our broad experience and our close ties with both academia and practitioner communities across Europe, we have access to state-of-the-art knowledge and knowhow. We follow developments closely, whilst remaining critical about the effectiveness of circulating trends and hypes. Besides delivering a design on paper, our broad experience enables us to ensure how your organisation can breathe life into its design.

Anissa Oukhiar

Anissa Oukhiar


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