Mergers & restructuring

Path to profitable growth

What opportunities can be achieved with a merger or acquisition? What is the total potential synergy? Which company is suitable for acquisition? How can I increase my sales? How do I reduce my costs? How do I ensure that my profitability structurally improves?

Berenschot supports you in the various phases of Merger & Restructuring. This is based on our years of experience and knowledge relating to various sectors such as agri-food, industry and business services. Keeping in mind the interests of stakeholders like banks, supervisory boards and shareholders. We have relevant benchmarks for the primary process and indirect functions. In addition, Berenschot has all the disciplines in house for an integrated approach (business, finance, HR and legal).

Mergers and acquisitions are complex processes. Berenschot would be glad to help you achieve your synergy objectives. We have extensive experience with mergers, acquisitions and (post-merger) integration processes. As a result, we can provide support during all phases of the project and pre-merger preparation phase:

  • Rationalising the strategic decision to opt for a merger
  • Exploring the required and potential synergy
  • Searching for a suitable acquisition or merger candidate

Furthermore, Berenschot has the necessary expertise for the post-merger integration in-house to support you in all aspects of the integration process, such as operations, organisation and governance, HRM, remuneration, communication, business culture and change management. This integral approach simplifies the management process and speeds up the overall process.

Our vision and approach for increasing profitability

  • Mergers & acquisitions and (post-merger) integration. Is a merger a good option for achieving growth? What is a suitable takeover candidate and what synergies can be achieved? How do I start the integration process?
  • Quick scan and Strategy Check. What options are there for profitable business operations in the short and long term? What is our improvement potential? And is our company fit for the future? Berenschot helps you determine your improvement potential by means of a quick scan, with an objective test of the right strategic direction. In addition, the profit contribution of customers and assortment can be analysed, along with a financial analysis, financial prognosis and liquidity forecast. This enables us to study the effectiveness of the organisation, management and control.
  • Reorganisation and cost reduction. How do we make our company healthy again? And how do I keep my employees motivated during this difficult period?
  • Financial forecast and impact analysis. What do my financial and liquidity forecasts for the next five years look like? Do I generate sufficient revenue to cover my costs? A financial prognosis method helps minimise the uncertainty.
  • Organisational structure. How do I achieve the transformation from the old to the new organisation when it comes to employees? What does that mean for mobility and outflow?
  • Interim management. I need temporary deployment with a lasting result. How do I find candidates for a key position within our organisation to actually implement the intended change and turn-around?

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Luddo Oh

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