Leader assessments for public excellence

Leader assessments for public excellence

Public leaders must perform their tasks in a period of unrivalled complexity in which change occurs at lightning speed and Europe is subject to critical scrutiny. This context calls for excellent public leadership: for leaders capable of acting as change agents, who can inspire and develop their people and are highly tuned to the political operating context.

The challenge facing European organisations is how to attract public leaders and facilitate their development. Assessments can assist your decision-making processes on leadership selection and development issues.

With offices in Belgium and the Netherlands Berenschot has a history of reinforcing public sector organisations around the world. Based on years of experience we know better than anyone what it takes to excel as a public leader. We are familiar with the context in which public leaders operate and we have the best people experts in-house. Through this unique combination of competencies, we can support you in selecting and developing the best leaders.

Context specific, first-rate and innovative

  • Personal guidance
  • Assessment programme tailored to the European context
  • In-depth interviews with both an experienced public sector expert and a psychologist
  • Cases with direct practical relevance to the European context
  • Coaching feedback
  • Innovative methods such as online assessments, serious gaming (Dutch only) and virtual reality
  • HR analytics translate individual assessments into operational implications across the organisation

Track record

At Berenschot we have been conducting assessments for over 70 years. It has been our privilege to support many public sector bodies and critical companies during that time. For instance, for many years we have supported the selection and development of all senior civil servants in the Netherlands. Our current public leader excellence clients include European School of Administration (EUSA) and public sector bodies in the Netherlands such as the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, the House of Representatives, Schiphol Airport and Dutch Railways.

Using best-practices from our experience in Brussels and the Netherlands, , Berenschot can help leaders to excel. We are ready to take the next step. Are you?

More information

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