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Many of our clients are keen to expand their business across borders, for numerous reasons. Companies may find their domestic industry too competitive, foreign markets may offer opportunities for business growth, operational cost reduction and risk diversification, and many other reasons. Successfully expanding a business abroad requires a strategic and action-oriented approach, because it involves far more than merely an expansion of business from its home market into foreign markets. The decision to internationalize is a strategic decision, often with a fundamental effect on company management and internal and external activities.

The process of expanding a business in foreign markets can be challenging as companies are facing many ’unknowns’. Multiple questions arise, such as: What are the opportunities? Which region to start with? What entry strategy should we adopt? Which partners should we engage with? Which markets should I focus on? What risk am I willing to take? How do I organise internally? How do we fund our international investments?

The need for thorough analysis and a well-considered strategy concerning international expansion is evident. At Berenschot, we are well equipped to support our clients in exploring and analysing the optimal answers to the above questions, making strategic decisions and achieving international ambitions; whether you are considering entering developed, emerging or least developed markets abroad.

Berenschot has broad experience in helping entrepreneurs and businesses achieve their ambitions in foreign markets. Operating in an extensive international network and our in-depth knowledge enable us to support our clients in strategic decision making; international business planning; analysing markets; managing risk; benchmarking and identifying business partners. Our services and solutions are tailored to the needs of our clients. Together we explore a viable international strategy and if required, we assist in the implementation. We are committed to developing a strategy which works and which enables our clients to reap the benefits of it.

Lastly, we not only advise Benelux companies about expanding their business in foreign markets. We are also well positioned to assist foreign companies that are considering entering the Benelux.

Contact us to explore your international business ambitions and discuss how we can assist. More information about our services is available from Richard Born at

Richard Born

Richard Born

Senior managing consultant

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