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Your company’s environment is changing faster than ever. The extent to which your company successfully responds to those changes depends on things like your employees’ competencies and motivation. The same applies to launching a new range of products and services, improving quality or raising efficiency and flexibility. A clear HR strategy, one that follows naturally from the company’s objectives, sets out a course for management decisions on staffing, HR policy and support from the HR department. In other words, it defines the preconditions for future success.

Strategic HR policy contributes to the preservation or development of, or changes to, the company’s critical success factors, the factors that are essential if a company is to be successful with its chosen strategy in the future. The critical success factors with a strong staff-related dependence are matters that have priority in HRM policy and HRM operations; they are HRM’s dominant themes.

The Strategic Personnel Management method

When we design an HR Strategy, Berenschot runs through all the stages of the Strategic Personnel Management method. The stages in this method - shown below in a graph - always begin with the analysis of the external and internal developments relevant to a company, which is followed by deciding which HR themes are dominant according to that information. As a result, this model ensures that the selected HR vision and HR policy fit into the company’s strategic course seamlessly, that the HR tools have mutual cohesion and that the service provision processes, systems and competences that the HR department uses to support the company match the dominant themes as closely as possible.

HR strategy action plan

We can help you formulate an overall HR vision and/or set up an HR strategy for you. The aim: to make your HR department capable of helping managers define the right HR priorities within the context of your company strategy and apply them to an overall vision and action plan for HR. This is how to get the most value from your HR department.

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