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Change: this is what we believe in

We come across many organisations in change, where there are numerous opportunities in the change processes. We believe in supporting these opportunities by building on what already exists. Many aspects in organisations and their context affect the direction in which the organisation is moving. To manage these aspects, it’s important to have the right strategy, processes and structure. However, a great strategy or structure can only have a sustainable impact with a focus on successful adoption of the strategy. People are key in this. People are the backbone of the organisation; they have the knowledge and experience to raise the organisation to the next level. We support organisation in change by designing and implementing change processes in co-creation. We put people in the centre of our approach by developing teams as well as individuals. With our focus on people and co-creation, we can anchor change in your organisation.

What are the challenges we can help you with?

We have experience in a broad range of change processes. We respond to what we see happening around us. From adopting a new strategy to mergers, from culture change to the digitisation challenges ahead. We operate in different sectors, public and commercial: from energy to retail and from government organisations to transport. We distinguish ourselves by our broad expertise in different fields and sectors which helps us connect well with a range of different issues.

How do we change?

There are seven elements that we believe are crucial in making change sustainable.

  • We believe that a successful change process starts with intrinsic motivation. Without belief in change, there’s no way anyone can make it happen.
  • We focus on the diagnosis of the organisation and the change needed. To ensure that there’s a common purpose, together we create a change story.
  • For leaders, we create awareness about their complex role: not only do they lead the organisation, they are also role models in the change process.
  • We promote change by accommodating ownership in the organisation. We invite a group of key members to take the lead in the process.
  • Adopting new behaviour is essential in a successful process. We embed the change by providing individuals with the right skills. To do this, we have specific expertise in the field of Learning & Development.
  • From the initial starting point of the process, we believe that communication is essential to get every member of the organisation on board. We involve stakeholders by using innovative forms of communication.
  • At every step of the process, we continuously measure progress. This enables us to support organisations in adjusting adaptively according to what is required in the change process.

So, shall we support your change?

Every organisation is unique; there’s no blueprint for making change happen. We therefore offer customisation in every aspect of the process. And that’s also why we don’t do this alone. With the broad expertise available within Berenschot, we can create change together with you. Our people and society-driven approach characterises us. We pay attention to the different elements and stakeholders involved in the change, because they all count.

So if you have a change-driven question, let us know!

Marije Hautvast

Marije Hautvast

Managing consultant

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