How to discover the competitive advantage of 3D Printing

Most industrial companies are still unaware of 3D printing and its potential for their business. Others have some ideas but lack the time or resource to assess the short and long-term impacts of 3D printing.

Building on 15 years of experience Berenschot offers online and offline options to assess the impact of 3D-printing for your organization and value chain.

Benefits of 3D printing

The Berenschot Business Impact Model (BIM)

The Berenschot Business Impact Model (BIM) gives rapid insights into the market opportunities, production efficiencies and value chain benefits of 3D printing. At three different levels of detail.

  1. Compare 3D and traditional parts prices online

Use the online cost assessment to get an indicative cost price of a 3D printed part compared to a traditionally manufactured part. Enter your part details into the BIM tool for an automatic price indication for the 3D part plus some valuable background information on 3D printing. This quick cost assessment is free of charge.

Go online for a Quick cost assessment

  1. Generate an online benefits and costs analysis for your company

The Benefits & Cost Insights tool helps you to focus on the benefits of 3D printing that are most relevant to your company and their financial impact.

Invest one hour of your time to complete a questionnaire. The return will be a company specific report with actionable advice on 3D printing. The report also serves as a basis for structured and meaningful conversations on 3D printing with stakeholders in different departments in your organization.
This Benefit & Cost Insights report on 3D printing costs € 449.

Generate your online benefits and financial impact analysis

  1. Build a complete business case for your organization

Our Business Impact Model environment offers a structured approach to help you assess and quantify all the benefits and financial implications of 3D Printing. Our experts on 3D printing work with you to analyse the impact 3D printing can have on all value chain activities, from design, engineering production and testing activities up to the use case and investment scenarios.

Contact us for an intake and consulting project: Onno Ponfoort, or Fabian Nullmeier,

Three different levels of detail

Quick cost assessment Online tool, for free

Indication of the unit cost price of a 3D printed part

Benefit & Cost Insights Online tool, at cost Practical, company specific insights in benefits and costs
Complete business case Offline intake/project Detailed business case for investment decision

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Onno Ponfoort

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