The Netherlands

Berenschot is an independent management consulting firm with 350 employees worldwide. For 80 years, we have impressed our clients in the public and business sectors with smart, new insights. The Netherlands is our home base. Our playing field is the world at large. Our contracts are characterised by global economic and political relationships.

The consulting market has changed in recent years due to the crisis. Our clients demand new services that respond to developments in their business. The creativity we have demonstrated in recent years is a key success factor for Berenschot. Creativity is the engine driving high-quality service delivery. This demands a great deal of energy from our employees. They need to listen to the market and offer services quickly and purposefully - services whose quality and benefits are recognised by clients.

Berenschot has a broad portfolio. We also operate in many different markets and countries and we have access to an extensive network. This means that customers can call us in for various assignments and we can put together multidisciplinary teams to tackle every aspect of an issue.

For more information on Berenschot's activities and portfolio in the Netherlands, we refer to our Dutch website,

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