Investment Guide Suriname

Suriname is one of the greenest nations on earth. With over 90% of its surface covered by forest. Suriname has extensive natural resources and an impressive biodiversity. Since Suriname is a commodity-based economy its main exports include petroleum products, alumina and gold.

Increased activity in mining, construction, transport, warehousing, agriculture, trade and tourism are the main drivers behind Suriname's economic growth.

Suriname aspires to increase its publicity and exposure regarding its investments opportunities  to attract international and local investors and companies.

Acknowledging the key role of foreign and local direct investments to achieve sustainable growth, the government of Suriname wants to have an investment guide to give potentials investors and companies an objective, informative and practical view of the business climate in Surinam.

On behalf of the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Suriname Berenschot, Nikos and KPMG developed an investment guide of Suriname. The investment guide includes topics such as macro-economic development, cultural and social aspects, main and promising industries in Suriname, testimonials and practical advice on how to do business in Suriname. Interviews with public and private parties and data research were the main sources.

Investment guid Surinam Berenschot

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