Work and Income

Social security and the job market are in a high state of flux. Municipalities are facing significant cutbacks and new legislation, including the Participatiewet (Participation Act) and the Wet Gemeentelijke schuldhulpverlening (Municipal Debt Counselling Act).

Sectors have to contend with serious personnel shortages. Provinces, municipalities, the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) and companies in collaboration with the education sector and knowledge centres are faced with the collective challenge of coming up with economic agendas and arrangements that promote mobility, use of talent, participation and innovation. While municipalities are given increasing tasks, their budgets are shrinking. The UWV is also taking a new direction. This has implications for the partnership with municipalities at the employment centres, as well as for the services provided by the UWV and for public-private partnership opportunities.

Berenschot supports municipalities, ministries, provinces, organisations and sectors in the area of work and income to enable them to adequately respond to these changes. As the largest independent management consultancy in the Netherlands, we have access to many experts in a range of areas, such as the job market, social security, the Working According to Capacity Act, structuring social services, pensions, debt counselling, sheltered employment and aligning education with the job market.

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