Technical Wholesale Trade

The technical wholesale trade is not having an easy time, especially due to its close relationship with the still stagnant building industry. The traditional function in the distribution chain is under pressure and the influence of ICT demands new business models.

However, there are always opportunities and wholesalers naturally take advantage of them. Current issues include mergers, takeovers and partnerships, because scale is of the essence. Another challenge faced by wholesalers is the reticence of banks to approve investments and provide credit. In addition, a number of wholesalers are grappling with the issue of succession. Continuity in the family line is sometimes lacking and a successor then has to be recruited externally. How do you deal with this?

Berenschot knows the wholesale sector better than anyone. We are familiar with market trends, market mechanisms and work processes. On this basis, we provide wholesale enterprises, sector and sector-related organisations and suppliers to trading companies, such as ICT companies, with advice and support.

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