Spatial Planning

Aiming to create a downsized government results in a reorganisation and a shift of tasks among government departments, as well as in market and social organisations. The traffic, transport and spatial planning policy domains are becoming increasingly integrated, substantively as well as organisationally, and are linked to economic development and innovation. Furthermore, the government wants to streamline and accelerate decision-making processes by means of simpler procedures and fewer regulations.

Now that the national government is limiting itself to spatial planning at national level, municipalities and provinces are faced with the problem of coordinating these additional responsibilities and the scope for spatial planning they have been given, within the framework of the Spatial Planning and Mobility Structure Vision.

Berenschot helps individual public, private and social parties combine their collective assignment and distil a joint interest. We support organisations with process design, financing constructs and substantively combine themes, such as spatial planning and mobility, at strategic level. And we provide insight into the adjustments required within their organisation.

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