Public Administration

Governments are implementing significant cost reductions. All public administrative layers are downsizing. And this is preferably to be combined with doing and making things better. Objective: even though resources are scarce, achieve innovation and quality (improvement) anyway.

All levels of government, ranging from the central government, privatised institutions, lower levels of government: everyone is being forced to make cost savings. Change has already been initiated in various policy domains. Based on a different organisation structure, the merging of support functions or the far-reaching decentralisation of the primary function. Under pressure of these cost reductions and decentralisation, municipalities are investigating upscaling or partnering opportunities with other municipalities.

Merging, partnering and structuring the organisation accordingly go beyond just making a few adjustments here and there. Carrying out large projects with partners from various organisations spanning different policy domains demands different competencies. Furthermore, demand crosses the classical pillars of safety or spatial planning, for example. Everything encroaches on each other.

Berenschot helps you structure and implement cost reduction initiatives and redesign your organisation. We are familiar with the administrative environment and have years of experience with these issues. That enables us to come up with good solutions.

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