Economic growth, mobility and accessibility go hand in hand. Mobility must be fast, safe, reliable and clean. Central government, provinces, city regions and municipalities all have their responsibilities with regard to private and public transportation in order to achieve this.

The trend is joint coordination and co-financing. A logical step in striving for accessibility as regional governments are well aware of what is going in their domain. However, besides local interest, there is often a regional and/or national interest too. Furthermore, infrastructure involves major investments. National involvement therefore remains indispensable.

Berenschot supports all players in this complex political-administrative environment. For this purpose, we combine substantive expertise and political sensitivity with experience in the sector. In addition, Berenschot can translate the lessons learned in other sectors to the mobility sector. For example in the area of tendering, chain coordination and public-private partnerships. Finally, we help clients to systematically undertake a (decision-making) process with many parties.

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