Industry has rediscovered its way up. However, different sectors are growing at different rates. For example, the semiconductor-related sectors are growing very fast due to the increased demand for ICT, while the building sector is still in a slump. As the government withdraws, the industry needs to stand more on its own two legs.

Knowledge worker schemes, Pieken in de Deltaregelingen (Peaks in Delta construction schemes) have been halted and grants are limited to a number of defined top areas, such as high-tech and the chemical sector. Sustainability is an important management issue. It forces companies to intervene in the footprint of their product portfolio, tackle their own supply chain and consider the end of their products' lifespan or recycling.

Berenschot knows about cutting back as well as growing. Where things are not going well, we can provide advice about scaling down or adapting quickly to changed conditions. Where things are going well, we can help companies to quickly anticipate opportunities. Berenschot has proved its ability to enable companies to flourish under any conditions.

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