It is the Netherlands' ambition to become a knowledge economy that is ranked among the top 5 by the Knowledge Economy Monitor. A well-educated population, reliable, high-quality institutions and a high-quality knowledge infrastructure are absolute preconditions in this regard.

The above ambition, combined with this government's cost reduction agenda, means that government and educational institutions are faced with sharp choices: choosing quality, choosing talent, choosing expertise and innovation.

Berenschot provides your educational institution (primary, secondary, senior secondary vocational, university of applied sciences, university), governments, umbrella management boards, sector organisations and knowledge centres with advice that enables you to make well-considered choices and understand the implications of these choices. Together with you and your professionals, Berenschot then identifies concrete actions. For this purpose we combine solid sector knowledge with expertise related to strategic and change management, financial management, marketing and communications, legal expertise and coaching, and management development. This enables us to provide you with independent, factual and future-proof advice.

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