The Economy and Innovation

Effective links between knowledge institutes, business and government within a region are now particularly vital. Not only to create innovation within the region, but also to maintain a link with national and international trends.

This is important now that the current government is adopting a top sectors approach and is withdrawing from regional economic policy. Furthermore, at the end of 2010 the EU decided to enforce greater focus and collaboration within the regions of its member states via the European Regional Development Fund. It is therefore certain that the role of the provinces and municipalities will expand and change. Differentiation can and must now occur at regional level. But how do you operate effectively when resources are limited and the playing field is in a high state of flux?

Berenschot helps governments, business and knowledge institutes shape their strategic policy. Furthermore, we provide guidance for developing a vision and forming coalitions in the Triple Helix, advise on administrative partnering and develop and evaluate policy instruments for economic development and innovation (grant facilities, revolving funds and public-private partnerships).

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